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Welcome to my scrapbook. Here you will find photos of various subjects. Sorry if it's too monochromatic for some of you. I just thought it'd go well with my photos and be nondistracting, allowing you to see them and not the page.

Most of my photos are black and white and for two reasons: one, I like black and white and two, I can develop my own black and white photos. I have not learned to develop color yet, but that does not mean there will be no color pictures here. A majority of my pictures I took on trips, like my recent trips to Chicago, New Orleans and Dallas.

The above image is from a photograph I took of my friend Jocelyn's cat, Annie. I was over taking pictures and Annie, the world's most skittish cat was most curious about a box of TMax film! I took it into Photoshop and put it through a watercolor filter. The original photograph is elsewhere on this page.

So have a look around! Oh, a little note: I'm still learning how to put webpages together and I haven't quite got the hang of compressing the photos down to a size where even the most antiquated browser could download it fast. The files range in size from 21k to 53k.

Any questions, comments, praises or suggestions? Just e-mail me.


Here's a few shots I took while I was visiting my cousin in Chicago.

There were lots of interesting things to see, so I just had to bring my camera. These are black and white only.

[one] this is the image at the right

[two] a view of the Picasso sculpture

[three] a view of Calder's "Flamingo" (from underneath)

[four] a view of the Loop complete with the "el" train

[five] I forgot where this is, but it's still a nice shot

[six] an intersection at Dearborn St.

[seven] me, in front a sculpture of a horse

[eight] one of the stained glass windows inside St. Micheal's

[nine] here's a little sight you don't see to much of at home...

[ten] the front of the Second City, a Chicago institution

[eleven] the Japanese garden outside the Midwest Buddhist Temple



Another city I'm fond of is Dallas. I go there often to see my aunt and uncle and to attend the DSVC annual student show. These are also black and white.

[one] I forgot where this was...

[two] Houston St. traffic light

[three] and I forgot this one, too

[four] this is the image at left.




My friend Jocelyn, upon hearing that some of us (Hilary, Caroline and myself) had never been to N'awlins, decided that we should go. Here's some images from the trip. Surprise! Some of these are in color.

[one] The esteamed lead foot, Jocelyn.

[two] Becca Craft, photographer!

[three] Our favorite redhead, Caroline (I like the photo, but it is not the most flattering shot of her.)

[four] Me, Jocelyn and Caroline at the Cabildo.

[five] Jocelyn's friend from Mississippi, Kellie, joined us on the trip.

[six] Kellie, Jocleyn and Hilary at the Botanical Gardens.

[seven] Hilary gets some cool shots of the Garden's Lily Pond.

[eight] (left) Hilary enjoys a beignet at Cafe du Monde.

[nine] A shot taken in the Botanical Gardens.

These shots were taken in the Meterie Cementary in New Orleans:

[ten] [eleven] [twelve] [thirteen] [fourteen] [fifteen] [sixteen] [seventeen] [eighteen] [nineteen]




Another subject I like is animals, namely pets.

[one] My friend Jocelyn's cat,Annie, is curious about a box of Kodak TMax 400.

[two] Time to feed the Annie! The container of food has her attention; you can see it in the upper lefthand corner.

[three] Jocelyn and Annie.

[four] Becca's cat, Pepper, streches on the floor.(this is the photo at left.)

[five] Pepper hides under the kitchen table.

[six] Jocelyn and Becca's dog, Beau.

[seven] color My cat, Toonces, exploring our backyard.

[eight] My aunt and uncle's dog, Max.





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