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Here's where the latest information on "Mosquito Creek" and a listing of updates to this site are kept.

12-7-99 Well, I got behind in things! It seems that my procrastination problem has begun to get out of hand. In the meantime, while I try to get stuff done, here's the updates. Nothing much, really. I added a new link on the Links page, Archie McPhee! And I added Bridge to my Random Images page. I will try to get some new Mosquito Creek stuff, but I am a busy college student and I have a new strip to develop for the paper. I hope to have some by the end of next semester. Stay tunned.

10-15-99 I added the drawing, Queen of the Hop to my Random Images page.

9-17-99I found this image in my e-mail the other day, a little GIFt to celebrate the moving of my page, from my friend, Carlos. In this picture, Beth finds herself the recipient of a gravewarming present. The character Carlos the Bat is 1999 Carlos Navarro. Go here to check out his stuff!

Also,I added these pages to my links: Carlos' webpage and Quick Eats and Epicurean Delights! a little page by my friend, Jocelyn.

9-15-99 I added a couple of images to my Random Images page: Fishies resulted from a drawing class when my drawing professor brought in some fish from the Spring River he had caught the day before(he froze them, btw.) The second, Kat at Work is a rending of myself at my job.

9-13-99Well as you can see, I have moved! I also gave the main page a little freshening up. Did i get those new strips I said I was going to do done? No! Am I a procrastinator? Yes! But not to worry, I shall try to get something done soon, but first school, work and the maintenance of this page.

4-28-99Wow! It's been awhile since I've added anything, and it looks like there won't be much updating in the summer, but not to worry. I'll be working on some new "Mosquito Creek" stuff this summer. A little announcement: "Mosquito Creek" will cease it's run in the Herald. I decided this, not the editors. The plotline does not lend itself well to a four panel joke-a-day strip. This is not the end of "Mosquito Creek", though. You will see new strips here and one day I hope to self-publish it as a comic book. For the Fall of '99, I will start a new strip for the Herald(more info on that as it becomes available.) In the meantime, I've added four "Portraits of Trees" to the Fanasty Stuff of my Random Images page.

4-15-99 Ok...would've added one of these earlier, but due to unforseen circtumstances i.e. computer foul ups, well you get the picture. I've won a couple of awards;one for the site and one for the strip!! So go check it out!

3-26-99 The strips are up! Go to the Sassafrass Gallery to view them. There's a slight problem with the alignment of the text which I will fix later, but the links work. And I added a new sketch of Natalie to the Character Sketches page.

3-24-99 Added a new link on the links page: The Jackalope's Den.

3-23-99 I've finally got the Character Sketches page fixed and looking good!

3-22-99 I've won another award! Also, I have found my lost originals! There were some strips I had lost but now, I can scan them and complete an up to date history of the strip and let you see the early stuff and show how much the strip has evolved. When this will be ready, I have no idea, but I'm working on it.

3-09-99 I've added three new links to my Links page: The National Cartoonist Society, Lar's Studio, and Renaissance Woman's Home Page.

3-04-99 Sorry it took so long between updates! I'll try to put more stuff on soon, but for now...I've uploaded an new page. It's my photo page where you can see one of my hobbies, photography. You'll find it on my Random Imagespage or simply click here. I'll try to get more "Mosquito Creek" stuff on soon. Right now, I'm planning a major overhaul of the character sketches page, so please be patient.

2-05-99 Well, guess who finally got around to updating her page? 6^) I didn't really add much this time out.BIG NEWS! I found an old strip from '96 that I thought I had lost. The others are still missing but at least I still have that one! I plan on scanning it in so it can be seen,but until then I've scanned in a panel from this strip and it replaces the picture of Natalie on the main page. The picture of Natalie will soon be available on the character sketches page.

12-1-98 I've added another page; the Random Images page is up! Also, I've won another award.

11-17-98 This page won an award! You can see it on my new Awards page. Also, I added a sketch of Natalie and a sketch of Rabbit to the Character Sketches page.

11-5-98 I added a new page! Actually, you're looking at it. Thought everyone who's been here before would like to know what's new. Keep it tuned here for futher update info.



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