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The Herald the newspaper that runs "Sassafras Roots" a.k.a. "Mosquito Creek"

See the Short Attention Span Site of the Weekfrom the Center for the Easily Amused

DAFT home page of the Disney Afternoon File Time

The Official "Bone" Webpage, My favorite comic book!

The Official Rent webpage, My favorite musical!

Visit one of the coolest people I know, Oafie!

Here's one of my favorite bandsThey Might Be Giants

Catch some great comic strips at United Media and Uexpress

The Oracle of Bacon at Virginia

Get insulted at The Random Elizabethan Curse Generator

See the home page of a great artist and very sick duck! Lar's Studio

Carlos' page of Zooperheros! Check it out. He does wonderful superhero furries.

The Jackalope's Den Visit here and read some great poems.

If I've left a friend off-please e-mail me so I can put a link to your page!

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