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One Heckava Ghost Town

For those of you looking for "Sassafras Roots", you're in the right spot...

"Mosqutio Creek" is the same thing, same plot, same author, different name.

Mosquito Creek, AR is the setting for an unusual comic strip that I draw. The focus of the strip is Natalie, Beth, Rabbit and Zak as they deal with life in a town in which the majority of the population is well, dead to speak. They're ghosts. A town where the living and the ghosts reside together.

It seems that when one dies in Mosquito Creek, they don't go to heaven and they don't go to hell. Their souls are stuck in the town they once lived in and live in still. No one knows quite why the phenomenon occurs. Is the town cursed? Or does it have a greater purpose....

Natalie's out to solve the mystery along with her long deceased aunt, an teenybopper from the fifties named Beth. And both drag along Nat's friends Zak and Rabbit on the wild and crazy ride. But their goal is not easy, if not impossible. They have to contend with the town's bloody history of Indian massacres, the civil war, racial hatred and rampant ignorance as they meet ghosts from all walks of life: rich, poor, criminal, saint, angels and devils.

Purgatory, it ain't. And why is Beth the only ghost who has a free roam of the town, when others are confined to certain areas by invisible walls they cannot breach? The longer Natalie stays in the town the more curious and weirder things get.

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          This page is always under construction! All characters, etc. and all things on this page unless elsewhere stated, are ©1998 Kathryn Marie White. Any comments and/or suggestions? Feedback is always welcome. E-mail me at: Mucho thanks for Techdude for all the work he put into my page in the past (and for the spiral binding and the title graphic for the gallery!)and to K. Prince and Oafie for their feedback and help. 8^)

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