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The Main Characters


       Beth Robinson

A teeny bopper from the fifties. Natalie's aunt. She is the only ghost who has a free roam of Mosquito Creek. Beth is a hopeless practical joker but can get serious when the time comes. Becomes good friends with Zak and Rabbit. Beth was named after my friend, Beth Hunt.

       Natalie Hayes

Natalie is a modern teenager. Beth's niece. Often the victim of Beth's practical jokes. She just moved to Mosquito Creek with her mother (Beth's baby sister). Needless to say, she finds the town the weirdest place she has ever been. She also wonders what's the deal with all the ghosts and sets out to discover why Mosquito Creek is so odd of a town. She is a talented musician and plays piano and sings beautifully. Natalie is named after a talented girl I knew in high school, Natalie Hahn.


       Rabbit Mitchell

A talented artist and eccentric, Rabbit is one of the first people Natalie meets. Is good friends with Zak. Her dad used to be in the military and therefore had to move a lot. Early in her life, Rabbit was a military brat moving with her parents from base to base, therefore she knows what it is like the be the new kid and tries to befriend Natalie. Her dad was stationed in Japan for a time and there she learned Japanese. She has a tendency to be hyper and forgets things easily. Is currently taking piano lessons from a very frustrated Natalie. Tags along on Natalie's hunt to find out about the ghosts. A very theatrical personality. Rabbit was inspired by my friend, Jocelyn Craft.

 More to Come!

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